Water Pollution

What are Effects of Water Pollution on Environment:

The main important problem caused by water pollution peoples do not clean the environment and not save the water because dirt water too much harmful for humans, birds, animal and ocean creature therefore peoples should be understand from dirty water  thousands of viruses and diseases attack on human body.

Water Pollution Causes and Effects:

water pollution causes and effectsPeoples through garbage in the water, harmful chemical dumped in the water, huge ship boats types is big caused by sea or river pollution, peoples goes on beach and all food things after eat through in the water but peoples don’t understand sea pollution kill the human life, animal, ocean creature or birds because these water many peoples drink and attack Hepatitis types diseases.

Water Pollution Facts:

water pollution factsWhen peoples can not understand on sea side or river side is pollution is harmful for human health because 50% diseases born with dirty water and many viruses attack on body. Therefore surface water pollution is really dangerous for human health like skin problem, breath problem, eyes problem and hepatitis A & C diseases attack on body.

How to Stop Water Pollution:

how to stop water pollutionIn this picture children and young man picking up all garbage on the sea side or keep safe sea pollution. If everybody do not through garbage like food wrappers, drink bottles, juice packets, pizza packets and cigarette then water save with pollution and garbages.

Water Pollution in Brazil:

water pollution in brazil

In Brazil major country for high level dirty water and increasing diseases rates. Different types of water pollution essay for peoples can easily understand dirty water not good for human, animal, birds and sea creature because every year thousands of peoples died with dirty water every year and in Brazil dumped with garbage in water because peoples not save the water then high rates of many peoples died and sickness in Brazil caused by water problem.

I hope this article very helpful for everyone because i have do struggle for everybody.