Symptoms of Leukemia in Children | 9 Important Topic

Symptoms of Leukemia in Children

What is leukemia?

Symptoms of Leukemia in Children 9 Important Topic with show all factor about leukemia stages in children and adults. Leukemia types of blood cell cancer. Platelets and blood cells are function producing in the bone marrow.

Some new white blood cells (WBCs) are not working mature function in leukemia and immature blood cells reproducing functionality process working too much fast and its main reason is when body blood circulating system disturb or trap in disease then these types of diseases attack on body.

In the United State childhood leukemia survival rate every year 4,000 children affecting and die with leukemia cancer. 

Symptoms of Leukemia in Children:

Symptoms of Leukemia in Children

The main reasons or causes of leukemia cancer in childhood is in  when body blood circulating system disturb not work proper way then child leukemia disease start and another reasons is one child to another child this disease grow. 

But in sometimes some cases in childhood not leukemia diagnosis. This disease develop in body slowly or when complete make veins in body then show now. But in sometimes chronic leukemia symptomsuddenly develop in body and show now. But sometimes confusing with different leukemia disease or normal seasonal disease but when testing leukemia then show its seasonal or not.

The main common types of 9 symptoms of Leukemia in Children listed below.

9: Anemia:

In the human body system working with red blood cells (RBCs) functionality  oxygen distribute over all body. This work called anemia. The symptoms are given following.

  • Fatigue
  • Pale skin
  • Fast breathing
  • Feeling weakness
  • Lightheaded

When your child feel above these types of feeling then must test and show low RBC range or working normally or abnormal.

8: Trouble breathing:

When leukemia cells can trap or veins holes closes or tight holes around the thymus and gland base of the neck then breathing problems start like patient breath tightly or hard. 

The main causes of dyspnea, and swollen lymph nodes and in the chest windpipe swell from hard breathing. When patient this condition like painful breathing then must quickly medical emergency for better treatment. 

7: Swelling:

The Lymph nodes function is  filter the blood properly but sometimes leukemia cells exist in Lymph Nodes then result is swelling or pain. and causes of swelling following below.

  • under your child’s arms
  • in their neck
  • above the collarbone
  • in the groin

When causes of swelling must test MRI OR CT scans for showing inside of chest and abdominal swollen lymph nodes.

6: Bone and Joint Pain:

When body in produces blood in bone marrow but leukemia cells in speed reproduces in high rate. When high speed cells buildup then aches or pain in the bones specially in joints.

In some children like infant leukemia report back lower pain or legs pain and this pain develop more.

5: Frequent Infections:

WBCs are compulsory for fight with bacteria infection or virus. But keep in mind immature WBCs not able for fighting function properly in ways. The symptoms include listed below:

  • Fever
  • Cough
  • Runny nose

When these types of condition start with child then uses of antibiotics treatment but only Doctors advice.

4: Bruising and Bleeding:

Acute promyelocytic leukemia with child then bleeding with gums or sometimes minor injury then unexpected bleeding start or nose bleeding.

Sometimes make small red spot on the skin on face or body. The blood depend on healthy blood platelets.

3: Stomachache and Poor Appetite:

A child survive with leukemia may complain hardly pain in stomach. Causes of pain leukemia cells accumulate in liver, kidneys and spleen. But sometimes this pain hardly or child not eat food in normal rate.

2: Eyes sight Weakness:

Sometimes child complain eyes sight weakness or pain because its main reasons is when blood system disturbance when leukemia cells not working function properly then this problem start.

1: Brain weakness:

Some child not reading or writing or able for going to school or get education because leukemia cells functionality disturb or child not able for education because its acute lymphocytic leukemia survival rate or must treatment for good ways


I hope everybody like my article because i have lots of struggle and find more topics on leukemia then i write now this article please share now with everyone and any types of question or queries then fill form contact us , comment or email now.

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