Privacy Policy

In this website according to our privacy policy we may not give permission to our team to share the content which contains nudity or abusing the content therefore we always make sure that there is no content like that which our viewer and users and giving perfect information on content is our responsibility.

Website Developer Team:

Our team is very sufficient and reliable to make sure everything is in good sound our team policy only relays up on to give the transparency to our users by posting authentic content every single word which is written on our articles is certified on clarified from our team.

Privacy Policy Copyright etc:

We want to change the trend of copy paste content which is very common think which is that the new bloggers and web designers copy the post of different types of website whether its social media or media network we only give promotions to real content because we believe in transparency.

User’s Information:

which users try to give information about his/her self like if a man tries to reduce his weight like he tell me about his height his home address and this type of certain information that he want me to share the diet plan with him I would like to keep it in deep privacy because my team not share an any type of personal information of user’s.

Under 18 Content Privacy Policy:

Certain type of information we put on this website which can also help to under eighteen or teenagers because we are not pointing on any age stage after all its a diet and nutrition website to help people s to live a happy and healthy life the content we post is not harmful for any age factor.

Content Terms and Conditions:

1: In this website not a single word is copy paste from others website all content is my own.

2: This website not work any types of third-party department and others companies.

3: I have not work for any boss etc type, This website working as a volunteer.

4: All content depend on true writing but i have not give a guarantee.

5: Give good information for people’s.