Incurable Diseases

Top 10 Incurable Diseases:

In the whole world trillion of peoples survive with “Top 10 incurable diseases” with badly and not effect any types of medicine or any treatment. Most Dangerous deadly diseases has our the world and save to incurable diseases is most difficult but i have write article specially everyone know about incurable diseases and save now, May be this article help anyone with read uncured diseases list.

Top 10 Incurable Diseases List:

Top 10 Incurable Diseases List:

1.Cancer: Cancer is the most dangerous deadly disease in the whole world. Every country affected with cancer disease. In the our world every year 7121000 peoples died with cancer. Cancer disease main causes peoples uses of smoking, drinking and uses of bad foods then cancer disease day by day make cell and vein in the body and patient no chance to save with cancer.

2. HIV AIDS: HIV AIDS most second dangerous disease in the whole world. Every year in the our world 2777000 peoples died with cancer included children. No any types of medicine work on AIDS diseases because this disease blood to blood attach like a man has AIDS disease when other person if only one drop of AIDS blood go in body then AIDS disease start. AIDS more grow with sexual relations.

 3.Ebola virus: There is no any types of medicine and vaccine available for Ebola virus. WHO has make two types of vaccines but its not confirm that properly working on Ebola virus patient because its not a Common Disease.

4. Genetic disease:  In the whole world most of the dangerous genetic diseases have not curable and not vaccine or medicines.

5. Trigeminal Neuralgia: The most dangerous and deadly disease. In the problem patient and affected cranial nerve in the head. When this nerve disturbing in the head then too much hard pain. This disease not any properly cure but temporary has it can be treated.

6. Osteoporosis: Osteoporosis is the most common disease of bone broken problem. When body weakness and not proper diet then broken bone problems start. It has not properly complete cure but patient keep good diet or energetic food then slowly this problem solve but so difficult.

7. Rheumatoid Arthritis: When body Immune system sometime mistakenly attack on joints then this disease work on body but not properly cure system available.

8. Progeria: Progeria has not any type of treatment available and cure because its disease start when body in mother abdominal or when body born then body body some area too much big or small and there is not solution properly.

9. Pulmonary Hypertension: This disease is so much dangerous because when your blood pressure high then sometime its affects on your arteries or the lungs, and left side heart. Sometimes patient died with this disease on 5 to 10 minutes when blood veins narrowed, blocked then heart not pass or receive blood then patient died.

10. Norovirus: This is so much dangerous virus in all world because 18 to 24 % patient causes with acute gastroenteritis in the our world and its has not any types of vaccines or cure system.

I hope everyone like this educationally or helping article because i have do hard struggle then write now.