How Many Calories do i Need to Lose Weight Per Day


How Many Calories do i Need to Lose Weight Per Day: A simple calculation about how to lose calories fast or normal way for average men need 2500 to 3000 calories daily need for maintain body live healthy and no feel any weakness. For women must need 2000 calories daily need surviving good day and maintain figure.

How Many Calories do i Need to Lose Weight Fast:

For women 1500 calories need for one pound weight lose in per week. check your work result try on fasting weight loss calculator or weight loss calorie calculator goal date and weight loss exercise calculator download any app or online check but i have suggested buy best calories calculation electronic machine. if woman want I have burned more quickly calories and lose 3 to 6 pound weight or more than but keep in mind this quickly reaction bad effect on your health and body.

For men 2000 calories need burn one pound weight lose per week but some men this calculation make fast like:

For Example:

  • 2000 calories 1 pound weight lose per week.
  • 4000 calories 2 pound weight lose per week.
  • 6000 calories 3 pound weight lose per week.
  • 8000 calories 4 pound weight lose per week.
  • 10000 calories 5 pound weight lose per week.
  • 12000 calories 6 pound weight lose per week.
  • 14000 calories 7 pound weight lose per week.
  • 16000 calories 8 pound weight lose per week.

Its simple way to calculate this calculation and make life better but if you want fast burning calories then do exercise or eating low calories fruits like listed below:

Fruit Calories Chart:

How Many Calories do I Need to Lose Weight

When you want calories burn fast for weight lose then must eat in this list any fruits because no bad effect on your health when you fasting weight lose.

Weight Loss Diet – No Bad Effect on Your Body:

To lose weight gradually or in healthy way. you should eat 1300 to 1700 in day to lose weight drink good amount of water and stayed hydrated which will remove bad toxics into your body.

Always eat in caloric deficit follow good diet plan wake up in early morning make a daily routine which based on 3 to 4 hour exercise in whole day. Always take 5 to 7 meals in day which contains 150 to 180 each. Add more vegetables which comes in the categories salad

Lets Take a Very Basic Example:

If man eat 100 gram of cucumber, in cucumber there 90% water and 10% mineral carbs protein and etc because water has no calorie then we only get 10 calories carbs, mineral and proteins.

But Avoid Those Fruits Which are High in Calories Like:

Potato is a high calories vegetables, if we eat 100 gram of potato you get 100 calories.

How Many Calories Should a Woman Eat a Day to Maintain Figure

Same goes mangos and banana except eat all fruits and vegetables. Eat more salad drink more water and walk 3 to 4 miles in whole days. 2000 steps are equivalent to one mile so you need to walk four thousand steps in a day.

Healthy Foods to Eat Everyday:

Always healthy and avoid oily food. whether its olive oil or sun flower oil. At coconut water in you diet, learning about nutrients leaves good effect into your body. Always concern a dietitian if not available then check this over website its help you in any health field.


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