How Many Calories do I Burn Daily | Normal Routine Living

how many calories do i burn daily
How Many Calories do I Burn Daily | Normal Routine Living

How Many Calories do I Burn Daily: Every human Body Who do regular exercise or little active Can burn calories according to their BMR(BASAL METABOLIC RATE) Bmr is rate that how many calories do i burn in a day without doing any hard or other exercise just doing Routinely work as going office cooking or teaching driving etc so an average man can burn 1200 to 1800 calories in a day with his daily routine

How Many Calories do I Burn Daily | Calories Calculator:

You need 2,361 Calories/day to maintain your weight. 2,361
You need 1,861 Calories/day to lose 1 lb per week. 1,861
You need 1,361 Calories/day to lose 2 lb per week. 1,361
You need 2,861 Calories/day to gain 1 lb per week. 2,861
You need 3,361 Calories/day to gain 2 lb per week. 3,361

We can burn calories by watching our diet and food intake we must avoid all fizzy drinks(cold drinks) Fried items Fast Food Avoiding takeaway foods etc these all are bad diet and food we must eat clean to clean our body.

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How Many Calories do i Need to Lose Weight:

Lets suppose an average person need 2500 calories a day to maintain his weight if he eats 2000 calories and 500 calories will be defected he can burn 1 lbs in one week 3500 calories get you 1 lbs and by using this method you can burn 2 kg in one month which is healthy way to how many calories to lose weight and burning the calories we must follow the healthy ways to make change in our life style because sometimes calories needed to lose weight eating less carbohydrates and waiting more proteins can bring a good change to a human body.

How Many Calories do i Burn a Day | Calculation Details:

Avoiding the fats and carbs we can achieve our goal so efficiently every human has the natural process of burning fat our body is like a car,

“lets suppose our car tank has the 30 litres capacity and we put 35 litres into it the what will happened it will blow out”

It is same characteristics goes to our body if our body needs 2000 calories and we are eating 2500 it will blow out and our body will get fatter day by day we should look upon to diet which we are taking daily we must add proteins to our diet and walking 2000 to 2500 steps in a day an average man burn 100 calories on 2.3 mph walking speed.

Calories to Lose weight | Make Your Life Easy:

When you are in caloric deficits you will getting leaner day by day and your body give you indications and your skin will getting tone gradually we can made changes into our life what we need is just a motivations stay motivated and healthy every one can transformable just follow the healthy diet plan and concerns your dietitian if don’t have then you can start searching about nutrients and daily routine food add high amount of protein in you diet and remove the sugary and carbohydrates diet into your life if you want to live a healthy lifestyle because calorie intake to lose weight easily.


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