Deadly Diseases

Top 10 Deadly Diseases in the World:

This article write for the helping and information purpose about everybody known how much dangerous and painful deadly diseases living in the world. I have search 10 most dangerous and deadly diseases list.

Top 10 Deadly Diseases List:

1. Stroke: Stroke is the brain disease when artery supplying blood to the brain is leaking or blocked then human body working Oxygen-deprived cell die with a some minutes because artery blocked or leaked. Every year 10.8 % peoples died with stroke brain diseases.

2. Coronary Heart Disease (CAD): When vessels supplying blood to the blocked or narrowed when heart attack come. Un healthy diet or smoking main causes of “cardiovascular disease” . Globally 12.8 % died every year.

3. HIV/AIDS: Aids is the main causes through by the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV). This virus transmitted from bodily fluids. When HIV virus include blood then T cell slowly finish or immune system disturb. 5000 peoples affected HIV every day.

4. Diarrheal Disease: Diarrheal diseases attack on body when drink germ or dirty water or eat un fresh foods. Peoples of Africa specially children survive Diarrheal disease. Every year 4.3 % peoples died this disease. Globally death rate 2.2 %.

5. Diabetes Mellitus: I Diabetes Mellitus pancreatic cells no make longer insulin or production of miniscule. II types of diabetes to broken down cell and insulin no production but if proper keep diet or eat healthy food then II types of diabetes is curable.

6. Tuberculosis: TB is the bacterial infections enter in lungs and caused by Mycobacterium tuberculosis. TB affected in the lungs and not any proper cure or medicine. 2.4 % peoples died with TB globally.

7. Respiratory Cancer: This types of cancer is so much painful and dangerous because its caused by smoking, secondhand smoking, pollution waste of industries areas and its direct affect on lung, tracheal, and making bronchial cancers. Every year 2.4 % peoples died with over all.

8. Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (copd): In this disease patient so difficult breathe. The affect of copd disease on lungs and its caused by Smoking. worldwide death rate 5.8%.

9. Lower Respiratory Infections (LRI): In this disease patient can’t be properly breathe and included influenza, bronchitis, and pneumonia6.1 % over all death rate.

10. Hepatitis C: Hepatitis c virus attack on lungs and day by day weak in black color. It has one of the top deadly disease. 5.6 % peoples death rate. This is include Major Diseases.

This article is so much helpful for student and everyone. I hope every body like my struggle.