Common Diseases

List of Most Common Diseases:

Blood Pressure: The most common disease of blood pressure (BP),  blood circulating on walls of the blood vessels, When blood pressure start high then heart beat fast like normal heart beat 60 to 80 but during high blood pressure often heart beat 120 to 140 yet therefore different types of diseases problem in human body but blood pressure is in the “list of most  common diseases”.

Normal blood pressure rate in adult 120/80 and above 50 age 140/80 or 90 can understand normal rate. When high blood pressure start then blood veins blood circulating system disturb and your over body condition you have headache, heart beat fast, left arm upper back pain start is that condition during blood pressure patient face.

How to Control BP:

Some patient has surviving a long time ago blood pressure diseases but sometime a normal healthy his/her bp high or sometime proper bp patient medicine or hospital not available then this tips did work just try now.

  1. Bp patient laying on bed  then behind the neck take a cold water bottle half hour then bp slowly take normal condition.

  2. When bp high his/her then quickly take a shower yet 10.

  3. Bp patient keep feet in cold water bucket half hour your blood pressure normal.

  4. Sometime blood disorders when bp high but make a cucumber one glass juice one cucumber add and one glass water then make a juice and drink now after some minutes your bp is normal rate.

  5. During high bp drink cold water 4 to 5 glass and after 20 to 30 minutes go to washroom for urinated, when you 3 to 4 time urinated then your blood pressure normal.

What is Diabetes:

When your body leave working make for insulin in the body then your blood sugar level high from eating food. Diabetes rate calculation for understanding to 4.0 to 5.4 mmol/L (72 to 99 mg/dL) when fasting then Up to 7.8 mmol/L (140 mg/dL) 2 or 3 hours after eating food. (what causes diabetes?), when high weight, eating fast food or lying on sofa or bed, eating high sugar food etc.

How to Prevent Diabetes:

Leave high sugar food specially fruit or juices and daily in fasting must to do one to two hour compulsory walk otherwise take insulin injection or eating medicine not any other solution.


The disease of illness affected the body or mind for a some day.


After meal sometimes stomach not able for digestive food then vomiting start, vomiting causing food poisoning, full stomach with food, gastric.

Stomach Pain:

Stomach in body main organ but sometime not suitable food for stomach then start abdominal pain or sometime eating high crispy, spicy food then stomach day by day weak then abdominal pain.

Sore Throat:

Sore throat main causes of pharyngitis is a main infection during cold or flu then sore throat problem start.

What Causes Headaches:

When body in tension, tried front sit on computer, lots of time usage of mobile phone, head blood vein circulating or blood fast then headache start and some time and sometime increased risk of depression.