Blood Disorders

What is Thalassemia Disease:

Thalassemia is an inherited blood disorders problems caused by less quantity of hemoglobin. When body not make hemoglobin because hemoglobin is the part of red blood cells and hemoglobin give help keep in body oxygen.

Alpha Thalassemia:

alpha thalassemiaIn alpha thalassemia blood cell produce normal hemoglobin, but sometime with some peoples red blood cell loss and body not make blood in normal condition then problem of hemoglobin.

Beta Thalassemia:

beta thalassemiaBeta thalassemia is the blood disorder disease. Reduce the production of hemoglobin. Hemoglobin is the iron protein work in red blood cells that produce the oxygen in whole body. Who peoples survive in beta thalassemia disorder in less level of hemoglobin then many parts in body not reach oxygen.

Thalassemia Treatment in Worldwide:

thalassemia treatment in WorldwideFirst of all thalassemia patient proper check with doctor every week then change the food style like eat thalassemia major fruits like daily drink mango juice, apple juice or beets juice.

In breakfast include half fry two egg if you are not patient of High Blood Pressure then eat daily then blood disorder problem slowly solve.

Thalassemia Inheritance not a huge problem but if you are care then its make really big problem. Before sleeping must drink one glass milk and add with two strawberries.

Why thalassemia hemoglobin less level then you are not care in food like you are not drink fruit fresh home made juices or eating proper meat then thalassemia problems start.

Thalassemia trait not a big problem but i have search if patient eat protein food like fish, meats, egg, chicken and keep good proper diet then this problem day by day solve and thalassemia disease properly finish.

I hope this article everybody like now because i have add important tips for thalassemia treatment and if you like then share now.