About us

Introducing Myself:

My name is Raja Anees Ur Rehman, I have the experience of 7 years online works as cyber worker and web designer,developer so I am a professional SEO expert, content writer as well, I am working on human resource (HR). My first priority is to help those who are in circle of conflicts how ever they’re suffering tiny or huge disaster like earthquake effected people’s flooded effected people’s so i don’t say that I am not a big man but i thinks it’s the big effort to stand up for needy people’s.

My Experience:

I have 7 year of experience in content writing, web designer, developing, web maintaining. I have lot of created website about different categories like health, technologies, sport, news, fashion and beauty because its my passion with professionally created good informating websites.

About My Website:  

This website created by specially on health topics like writing perfect content about diseases and their solution, discussing on all women and men problems, In this website all content is perfectly true not any signal word copy paste or pilfe with others websites. All content according to first i have get properly true information then in this website i have posting for peoples get better and true information because this website totally clean of fake news.

Terms and Conditions: 

In this website all content base on true information and not any signal word pilfe with others website because my aim is those peoples can survive different diseases but not well with many year, I have posting better information for helping those peoples who can survive with diseases. In this Website i have not tell any types of products like medicine or injection for resolving diseases but i have properly give information about any diseases and post better different types of solution maybe help anyone.

My Team:

In this website have controlling a properly team work, daily update blog in good environment. My team did good properly inforamting daily keep posting for peoples read better news. My team did daily work from 9 A.M TO 9 P.M and keep office environment good.

Website Criteria: 

In the whole world has trillion of website working online on different topics but i have no competition with any website because my main aim is helping with all peoples from in this blog because this blog on health topic and i have fully day and night struggle collect information and posting in this blog for peoples read and get better information.

My knowledge:

I have 14 year of education completed and did complete some computer course. But main question is why i have created health blog? rather then health topic is so much difficult because collecting health information for any diseases so much difficult, therefore my passion create a blog on health and i get ideas from medical books, homeopathic and hospital environment.

Contact us:

If any body ask any question on any health topics then feel free contact my any time i will full try do answer on the time but sometime not possible give answer on the time therefore in 24 hour i have post answer.